Greek Yogurt

I love using plain yogurt in cooking. It’s indispensable when I make anything from my Indian cookbook and I love the rich tang that it always adds to dishes. Luckily you can almost always find the Yogs brand at any grocery store: The one catch is that there’s no plain 2% yogurt, or even 0% – just good old full-fat Yogs. To be honest this doesn’t really bother me but when I needed to look for a lower-fat version to give to the dog (long story), my quest was futile.

Greek yogurt has made its debut here in the past year and I was surprised to see that it’s sold in these tiny little potes. Where were the big giant tubs like Fage and Chobani sell? The “Greek” yogurt sold by La Serenísima is a little deceptive. Read the fine print: It’s just yogurt with cream/sugar added! So that’s why it tastes like a delectable dessert and is only available in tiny little portions. There’s no way you can use it in cooking, since it’s more like whipped cream than anything else. After a little Interneting I found this press release from the head of Marketing at La Serenísima, Florencia Balestra: “(Our product) was developed especially to attract and surprise our customers who are looking for something new when it comes to dessert (emphasis mine): a different kind of yogurt, much creamier and richer.” Huh? Yogurt is now dessert? Oh, Argentina.

So if anyone knows where I can get my hands on a giant tub of real Greek yogurt – aside from my trusty friends at Yogs – and if there are any companies that make/sell low-fat Greek yogurt … Send smoke signals. My dog will thank you (I probably will too).

UPDATE! Thanks to the genius Matt Chesterton, I was tipped off to where I can get the goods. Obvio! On Av. Scalabrini Ortiz between Honduras and Córdoba there are lots of shops where you can pick it up, along with baklava and “wrinkly little olives.” HALLELUJAH! & thank you Matt!

Photo credits: Yogs, Fage, Griego


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