Street Meat

One of the best parts of any city, whether you’re a tourist or a resident, is enjoying the culture of street food.  Gourmet food trucks and carts have been popular in recent months, but I’m talking about classic grub that tastes so good yet doesn’t inspire tons of confidence in the hygiene department. You know, the guy who’s had his little stand for years now, who is always there when you need him – be it at 6 AM as you leave the boliche or the day after to nurse your hangover.

The most common street food stands here are semi-mobile parrillas that serve up everything from hamburgers to choripan to bondiola.  The coolest ones have stereo systems set up and more condiments and sauces than you know what to do with. They all have their own personalities, visible in how the cart is decorated and the nature of the customers.

Tons of carritos are concentrated on the Costanera Sur, beyond Puerto Madero and around the entrance to the Ecological Reserve. On the Costanera Norte, near the metropolitan airport (and boliches such as Jet and Pacha) there’s another little colony that caters to the clubgoers and the dudes who fish along the boardwalk. (I always wonder if people actually eat what they catch. Blegh)

My favorite thing about the carritos here is that you can eat crazy amounts of food for next to nothing, without sacrificing quality. A few weeks back we scarfed down a big bondiola (moi) and 2 hamburgers (José) with a liter of cola for AR$30. Not bad, my friends, not bad. I stick with the spots with tons of onda: cumbia blaring from the speakers and ridiculous phrases painted on the sides of their stand. It’s more fun that way, and I find that their crazy dedication to the art of street meat makes the food taste that much better.

Bonus - Mobile OJ stands to quench thy thirst

You can’t call a trip to Buenos Aires complete without a stop over at one of the millions of carritos dotted throughout the city. As you chow down with a sandwich that is bigger than your head, with spicy chimichurri dripping down your chin and salsa criolla spilling out the sides of the fresh bread, you’ll realize this is one of the best meals you’ll eat here.


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